Together with our patrons, we stand stronger and continue to make a difference during this crisis

Last year, there was no playbook. But this time around, we’re better prepared to take up the challenge foreseen by the second wave of COVID-19. At OYO, partner centricity is at the core of everything we do. And we’re ready with our patrons to come together to serve the community and the nation.

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But let me take a moment and explain the word ‘patron’. Why patron? What’s the difference between a partner or a patron? A patron is someone who supports the business in various capacities. At OYO, patrons are entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes who are supported by our company’s full-stack, proprietary technology that increases their earnings and eases operations. We at OYO, exist for our patrons to help them drive value from our tech, our brand and our ability to generate demand for them to grow. Recently, I got an opportunity to interact with over 1100+ patrons in a town hall. Taking into consideration the feedback & improvement areas highlighted by our Patrons in our regular NPS survey, we’ve announced several technology led-initiatives which I’ll cover below.

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